Spectrum Salon Needs Stylists

Spectrum Salon is looking for licensed and motivated hair and nail stylists who want to operate an independent business from an established downtown salon located within blocks of thousands of potential customers.  Join us today!

Spectrum Salon provides all stylists with:

  • A complete stylist work station, including stylist cabinet, mirror, swivel client chair and matt cushion for your reserved and exclusive use in a fixed location, together with a corresponding exclusive-use, numbered and lockable storage cabinet;
  • Shared use of professional shampoo sinks, professional salon dryers and chairs and other incidental salon equipment and furniture;
  • Shared use of lovely common reception area with rotating art exhibits along a cool 35 foot long cream city brick wall;
  • Shared use of a unisex rest room, washer/dryer and convenient break room, with lunch table, stools, refrigerator and microwave oven;
  • Coffee pot, cups, coffee, creamer and sugar, as well as canned soda and bottled water—all stylists pitch-in 25¢ per can/bottle used to buy replacements;
  • A common website (spectrumsalon226.com) including a separate individual custom-designed page for each stylist;
  • Shared use of a general salon phone number (414-204-8499) and WI FI service;
  • Stereo system and speakers with IPhone/IPod docking station for Pandora and other free music streaming;
  • Heat, electric, water and sewer, trash removal, snow removal, pest control, planter maintenance as well as all general maintenance and repairs for the salon;
  • Cleaning service once each week, to include cleaning the windows, break room, bathroom and other plumbing fixtures, general dusting, floor sweeping and mopping;
  • General supplies, including soap, toilet paper and paper towels for bathroom and break room, light bulbs, laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies; 

Each stylist must provide and maintain at all times:

  • A valid and current Wisconsin cosmetologist license and cosmetology manager’s license;
  • Professional and public liability insurance, which names Magi Investments, LLC (the landlord) as an additional insured at all times;
  • Blow dryers, curling irons, scissors, clippers, combs, hand mirrors and all other personal tools and equipment;
  • Towels, smocks, coats and all other desired linens;
  • All back bar products including all shampoos, dyes, hair spray, etc.;
  • A neat and clean stylist station and surrounding area, including personal trash removal;
  • His/her own own cell phone/phone number and credit card processing device, if desired—no general credit card service will be provided;
  • All hair care items or any other products of any kind which the stylist desires to sell to the public, provided that the stylists must maintain his/her own Wisconsin seller’s permit and collect and remit all sales taxes due;

Current lease and business terms are:

  • Rent for each stylist station/chair is $500 per month (prorated if a stylist starts mid-month), with a $500 security deposit per chair;
  • The rental agreement is on-going, but either landlord or the stylist may terminate the agreement at any time with not less than 90 days advance written notice to the other;
  • All new stylists will be subject to a credit check and criminal background check;
  • Any stylist can share his/her chair with another stylist, who will also be subject to a credit check and a criminal background check, but the primary stylist will be responsible for the cost of the credit check and criminal background check, for full monthly rent payments to landlord and for collecting any amount due from her/his chair sharer(s);
  • All stylists (including chair sharers) are tenants and independent contractors only—each is responsible for her/his own customers, cosmetology service offerings, scheduling, pricing, payments, tax returns and self-management of all other aspects of her/his own business;
  • No stylist (including chair sharers) will be an employee of landlord for any purpose, including workers compensation, unemployment compensation or withholding taxes;
  • Landlord shall provide each stylist with a single key to the front door of the salon, which Tenant may use to enter and exit the salon at any time; no keys may be copied; each stylists shall report the loss or theft of any key to landlord immediately and shall pay the cost of re-keying the salon door and for replacement keys for all stylists; all stylists shall communicate with each other and work together to insure that the last person to leave the salon each day locks the door to prevent unlawful entry.

See link below for a full copy of a sample lease:


Please contact Claude Krawczyk at Magi Investments, LLC if you would like to learn more: spectrumsalon226@att.net or 414-688-4241. Thank you.